The Somerleyton Estate, in which Fritton Lake resides, has been committed to restoring equilibrium since 2009 by encouraging biodiversity on its land and giving back to nature.

It does this by being at the forefront of sustainable, profitable farming and food provision with land dedicated to conservation and nature restoration:

  • 1728 acres of land managed for nature including parkland and arable land used for conservation
  • 60,000 meters of hedgerow managed for conservation
  • 1000-acre nature restoration project, where flora and fauna are left to rewild

Introducing species and rewilding principles ensures the land is used in ways that help the environment and combat climate change.

Wild East

The Someleyton Estate is a founding member of WildEast, a charitable foundation aiming to return 250,000 hectares of land to nature and radically change attitudes across East Anglia. It’s a mission that requires the public to pledge 20% of their land to let it grow and live naturally. No mowing. No ploughing. No flowerbeds (unless they are wild). Just long grasses, dandelions and the insects, birds and animals that will make it their home.